Philosophy & the Political: Perspectives on the Future of Democracy

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The Global Center for Advanced Studies (GCAS) has organized the Fall 2014 colloquium, “Philosophy & the Political: Perspectives on the Future of Democracy.”  This colloquium features the foremost scholarly voices in the English speaking world including:

David Allen

Antonio Negri

George Katsiaficas

Shon Meckfessel

Himanshu Damle

Michael Hardt

Martin Rosenberg

Brad Evans

Lori Marso

Adrian Parr

Giovanni Tusa


This Colloquium will be organized into GCAS Press’ “V-Book” that will be forthcoming.   In today’s academic world, premised as it is on the modernist notion of fragmenting academic inquiry into various subfields, English, Biology, Sociology and so forth, the first disposition is to first think of a subject (Philosophy or Politics) as separate and then, only secondarily, think them together.  What is clear from the lectures given by these distinguished scholars so far is that the relation between philosophy and the political is nearly indistinguishable.  That is to say, the destiny of philosophy is at once the destiny of the political.  Or stated differently, philosophy is a way of life, a life that is lived in inherently political ways.  To be a scholar, a philosopher, a theorists is already to enact a political way of life.  In this sense, these scholars are also activist in that they take political positions that are intertwined into their very theories. 

Prof. Negri giving a lecture at GCAS.

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