Giovanbattista (Giovanni) Tusa is a philosopher based in Lisbon, where is currently a Researcher in Philosophy and Ecology at the Nova Institute of Philosophy (IFILNOVA) at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

His latest work, De la Fin, co-authored with Alain Badiou, has been published in France in 2017 and then translated with new original essays in English (The End, Polity Press, UK), Portuguese (Do Fim, Cultura e Barbárie, Brazil), and Spanish (Acerca del fin, Tinta Limon Ediciones, Argentina). He worked as an editor and translator from French and English for the Italian edition of L’equivalence des catastrophes and Exclu le juif en nous by Jean Luc-Nancy, Á la recherche du réel perdu, by Alain Badiou, Be my body for me. Domination and Servitude in Hegel by Catherine Malabou and Judith Butler, and Edward Said’s Freud and the Non-European. 

His current multidisciplinary research examines radical politics, cinema, ecocriticism, ontological realism, and animal studies.

Continental Philosophy; Political philosophy; German Idealism; History of Philosophy; Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art; Philosophy and Cinema; Ecological Thought, Critical Theory; Contemporary Art; Contemporary Practices.

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